Des Solutio offers a wide range of solvent solutions from naturally occurring molecules. At the moment, we can offer a selection of more than 30 different NADES, fully characterized and tested.

α DES – Aminoacid-based

β DES – Betaine-based

γ DES – Choline chloride-based

σ DES – Sugar-based

μ DES – Menthol-based

δ DES – Organic acid-based

Ω DES – Fatty acid-based

Ψ DES – Others


Des solutio also offers solutions to enhance the bioavailability of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). THEDES – Therapeutic Eutectic Systems are systems composed of two or more compounds in which one of the components is an active pharmaceutical ingredient. Des Solutio’s team has developed know-how in this area and has a portfolio of nearly 10 THEDES, based on different and fully characterized APIs.


Based on these NADES and THEDES, the company might explore the development of some product possibilities based on greener processes that dismiss the use of toxic organic solvents. Possible products formulations include, but are not limited to:

–           Vitamins

–           Flavonoids

–           Nutritional supplements

–           Cosmetic product formulations

–           Active pharmaceutical ingredients


The ImproVITA product is a solution to increase the shelf-life of fresh-cut products (fruits and vegetables) and natural juices, at least 5 times more than the current standard solution on the market. The product exerts its effect by delaying the oxidation of the food, thus prolonging its freshness and shelf-life. All the ingredients that compose ImproVITA are of natural origin and are currently used in the food industry as preservatives.