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Our Management Team

Being pioneers and working with NADES for over 10 years Dr Alexandre Paiva and Prof Ana Rita Duarte are our Founders bringing their expertise on these systems. Additionally, Des Solutio has the support from Frontier IP with its commercialization activities, which are being managed by Sara Reis.

Alexandre Paiva

Co-Founder & CEO

Alexandre is Co-Founder and CEO of DES Solutio. He brings to the company his specific knowledge on deep eutectic solvents and his experience on application of these novel solvent formulation in food and in the valorization of agro-industrial by-products. He looks forward to cooperate with industry to develop new product formulations based on DES.

Ana Rita Duarte

Co-Founder & CSO

Ana Rita is a leading scientist in natural deep eutectic systems. As co-founder and CSO of Des Solutio, she is focused on the development of bioactive and therapeutic deep eutectic solvents. Her previous work was object of international recognition by the academia and industry.

Sara Reis

Commercialisation Manager

Sara is our Commercialisation Manager. She has over 10 years’ experience of technology transfer in different Portuguese universities, supporting R&D groups developing technology into spinout companies. She also worked as business development manager for a startup in the US.

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