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Our freshness retainer for IV range products 

The Problem

Every year 1/3 of food is loss or wasted before it is eaten.

Nearly 1/2 of all fruit & vegetables produced globally are wasted each year.

Our Goal

The Benefits


ImproVITA is a liquid blend of 100% naturally derived GRAS compounds, such as vitamins and sugars, which can extend the shelf life of fresh cut products (IV range) and natural juices up to 5x times more than common fruit acids

Biomimetic Approach

NADESs contribute to the solubilization and stabilization of essential molecules to living organisms, such as phenolic compounds in plants In DES Solutio, we are the pioneers applying the same principles to stabilize the antioxidants content and increase the food's preservation capabilities

Less oxidation. Less browning.

Some areas where it can be applied

Fresh cut Processing
Natural Juices
Post harvest treatments

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Des Solutio is a spin-off company from NOVA University Lisbon