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Our natural cryoprotectant agent

Did you know that Arctic and Antarctic insects, fish, amphibians, reptiles and resurrection plants create cryoprotectants in their bodies to minimize freezing damage during winter periods?

Biomimetic Approach

Animals already have mechanisms in place to live amid freezing climates that incorporate NADESs compounds. Des Soluto is developing an improved CPA to be used in current cryopreservation procedures, not just by replicating nature but also by leveraging our expertise of such systems


NADESs have a strong effect on the water crystallization/freezing process, being able to reduce the number of ice crystals and hence ice crystal damage in cells, which is a crucial parameter for cell survival upon freezing. Our NADES base cryoprotectant, CryoDes provides the following advantages:

Some areas where it can be applied

Stem Cells Therapies
Vaccine Stabilization
Tissues Preservation
Veterinary Cell Therapies
Fertility preservation
Plant Cells Preservation

Do you want to collaborate with us?

Des Solutio is a spin-off company from NOVA University Lisbon