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Our tailor made solvents and bioactive extracts

Biomimetic Approach

Recreating plants intracellular environment and the way secondary metabolites are transported inside plant cells, our NADES based extraction technology allows you to obtain compounds from natural resources without the use of toxic solvents. We customize our solvent according to your needs!

Why NADES for extraction?

Currently, the challenge is to find extraction methods that are both natural and cost-effective in extracting key ingredients from natural sources. That is our goal with NADES.

How to apply them?

Ingredient Source

(e.g. by -product, food source)

Application of NADES Solvent

Liquid formulation. Optimized extraction.

Bioactive Extract

End Product.

Our process is fine-tuned for your goal, bringing the following advantages:

Why our solvents?

• Biocompaible - They won’t need to be removed after the extraction since they are non non-toxic
• Higher extraction yield

Why our extracts?

• Stabilized extract - NADES itself willwillact as carrier and stabilizer of the ingredients
• Enhanced bioactivity – facilitating absorption into the body

NADES is the solution

Wether you need a:
• tailor-made solvent to valorize a certain by product or
• a specific bioactive extract, regardless of the natural source

Using NADES technology, we can develop a solution to attend your needs.

Some areas where it can be applied

Personal Care
Ingredient Manufacturing
Food Production

Do you want to collaborate with us?

Des Solutio is a spin-off company from NOVA University Lisbon