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Nature's tools
for industry

Our mission is to improve people’s lives
by utilizing Natural Deep Eutectic Systems
to their fullest potential

Natural Composition

NADES are mixtures of two or more natural components (such as sugars, amino acids or organic acids), which are typically solid at room temperature but, in a certain proportion, form a eutectic mixture and become liquids with enhanced features when compared to its constituents alone

Des Solutio holds a library with more than 600 different characterized formulations of NADES. ​

Natural Ingredients

Biomimetic Approach

Where can NADES be found in nature?

In Food

Honey and maple syrup are two examples of NADES's commonly found in nature

In Animals

NADES's have been identified in animals living in environments with extreme temperature amplitudes, being responsible for their survival

In plant’s physiology

NADES's also have a role on the solubilization and/or stabilization of essential molecules to living organisms such as phenolic compounds in plants


By mimicking NADESs formation in nature, new solutions can be drawn to apply in modern technologies and have an impact on our society.

Nearly 10^6 combinations of natural DES could be envisaged, therefore the possibilities that arise from the ability to tailor new solvents with the most adequate properties for a given application are huge.

Supported by

DesSolutio a spin-off company from NOVA University of Lisbon